Nov 17

Deshaun Watson had led the Texans to 90 points in the past two games

There’s also a scenario in which the 49ers play this beautifully and end up with the quarterback they wanted all along and extra picks in the process. Let’s say Cousins doesn’t get the franchise tag, hits the market, and wants to play in San Francisco. If Garoppolo plays poorly, the 49ers kept the trade compensation low enough that they can wipe their hands of the deal and just end up with Cousins anyway.

As the rain refused to relent in the second half, Dallas leaned on its ground game to burn plenty of clock, but repeatedly couldn’t turn drives into touchdowns, only field goals. That allowed Washington to remain in the game, but the competition ultimately became a battle of two sloppy teams playing in sloppy conditions, with the winner being just a little less sloppy.

“To know that other schools are losing programs, it’s kind of scary knowing that this huge part of my life could have been gone and nonexistent,” Robles says. “I don’t know what I would do without football, honestly. I know other schools are losing it, I just can’t imagine what they might be going through.”

That’s more points than 16 teams have scored this season.

The Bills are 3-1. Coach Sean McDermott has made a very big deal (some inside the team would say an obnoxiously big deal) about not turning the ball over. The Bills turned it over on their first possession of the season, a tipped interception. In their 43 possessions since: zero turnovers … including another clean game in Sunday’s 23-17 upset of Atlanta.

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