Nov 25

The Jaguars were already setting up to be snug against the cap in 2018

The original trademark was made by North Carolina State University, whose fans use the “Wolfie” hand gesture while cheering on their sports teams, known as the Wolfpack.

The Week in Wrestling turned to Sports Illustrated legal expert Michael McCann, who was asked to explain the legalities behind the cease and desist.

“It’s hard to give a declaratory answer without reading the letter,” said McCann. “As I understand it, NC State trademarked the hand signal, but the issue could be copyright.

McCann explained that if WWE has copyright interest in the gesture, they can then argue that the hand gesture is their intellectual property.

Further, it is believed that Jones feels Goodell is too iron-fisted with player suspensions. Until recently, Jones was a steadfast backer of Goodell. But the suspensions have made him increasingly angry. He also cannot fathom how Goodell won’t put his foot down and force players to stand for the anthem. If players don’t stand, Jones is said to think, then so be it—they shouldn’t play.

Skating with Aleksander Barkov and Jonathan Huberdeau, in the role of the departed Jaromir Jagr, Dadonov is having just as much success as Jagr did with the young stars. He is up to 11 points in 10 games, and his 18 percent shooting is actually lower than the 22 percent he managed in Russia last season.

The Jaguars were already setting up to be snug against the cap in 2018, and there’s still the little matter of quarterback as they approach an offseason in which multiple quality QBs could be available for the first time in a long time.

Aaron Rodgers was enjoying another outstanding year (13 touchdowns, three interceptions, 103.2 quarterback rating) until he suffered what may be a season-ending collarbone injury in Week 6 against Minnesota. Rookie running back Aaron Jones has asserted himself well with rushing performances of 125-plus yards in two of Green Bay’s past three outings.

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