Dec 25

Clarkson leads Lakers past struggling Hornets, 110-99

Jordan Clarkson believes he’s figured out the key to his NBA success: fried chicken and scary movies.

To make matters worse, starter Nic Batum re-aggravated his left elbow against the Lakers and left the game early.

Last week, our team sites at SB Nation told us which offensive linemen would make the best skill position players. This week, we’re giving defensive players their moment to shine.

We asked SB Nation’s NFL blogs which defensive lineman is the most underrated on each team. We ended up with a mix of rookies, young players, and seasoned veterans who aren’t household names but who are making a big impact this season. A couple of sites even chose to open it up to the entire defense and pick a non-defensive lineman.

Some of these guys are run thumpers. Some are getting after the quarterback. And some are filling in for injured teammates. They may not be showing up on the stat sheet or making a splash in the highlight reels. But all of them are unsung heroes for their respective teams, even if you’ve never heard of them.

That New Jersey law is the focus of a case that is scheduled to go before the Supreme Court Monday. Although judges will not render a decision until next year, if the court rules in the state’s favor, it could open up legalized sports betting throughout the U.S.

At issue is a 1992 federal law, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which barred all states but Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana from offering sports gambling. Nevada is the only state to allow single-game wagering, while the other three offer much more limited options.

But the American Gaming Association told that, in addition to New Jersey, 14 other states have already proposed or already passed laws that would permit such gambling if the Supreme Court rules in New Jersey’s favor.canadiens_008_2feb3300b49862d0-140x140

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