Dec 27

North Dakota State, behind Stick, throttles Wofford in FCS quarters

Stick’s 7-yard run accounted for the only points in the second half.

“I’ve given this school 20 years of dignity,” Jurich says. “I would hope I would get a little bit in return, and I certainly haven’t yet.”

Time for a new Rookie Big Board, my ranking of the best rookies of the 2017 NFL season. Here’s my top 30, plus where each player landed on my final top 300 prospects list before the 2017 draft.

Kamara played only a few plays on Thursday night before a helmet-to-helmet hit sidelined him for the game, but he has been ridiculous since the Saints traded away running back Adrian Peterson. His loss was felt against the Falcons.

In 1989, the Bengals faced the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIII — in what would be Bill Walsh’s final game as San Francisco’s coach. And Cincinnati lost 20-16, and it lost the hard way.

What made Mirotic’s performance even more impressive Saturday was the fact that the Bulls didn’t get back to Chicago until Saturday around 2 p.m. after weather delayed their pilot’s arrival after Friday’s win, forcing them to spend another night in Charlotte. Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg is proud of the way his struggling team continues to play, and he enjoys being able to count on Mirotic again after playing without him for so long.

“He’s been really good both nights,” Hoiberg said. “Last night he didn’t shoot it great, but he went out there and gave us an edge on the defensive end. You can see it; he knows where to be, he’s in the right position, he’s engaged in his stance, came up with a couple key rebounds, but Niko’s a guy who’s been playing this game a long time at a high level. So to get that type of player back — I think he and Bobby have been terrific together in that second unit.”

“It’s all about building momentum and continuing off what you finished with in a previous season,” Rams quarterback Nick Stevens said of the bowl game following Colorado State’s regular-season finale. “It means a lot to us seniors.”canadiens_472_24e3db3b3734fc2f-140x140

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