Jan 30

NFL announcer Sean McDonough’s voice cracked during Titans-Chiefs and everybody loved it

The Tennessee Titans almost had a brutal collapse in the final two minutes against the Chiefs after making a comeback of their own.

Thank you very much, Gary. The thanks really should go to Richard Deitsch, the great Sports Illustrated columnist who thought to do a longer piece talking to female reporters about their lot. I have two daughters too, and the way my wife and I raised them is to believe they could grow to be anything, and to do anything. It is discouraging that men in high places have so often, and so recently, been such cads as well-intentioned and hard-working women tried to climb the ladder.

An observation and a question: It seems to me that beating the Bills this year has become some sort of litmus test for a team’s legitimacy as a playoff contender. Note that some teams that lost to the Bills—Oakland, Denver, Kansas City, Tampa—had high hopes at the start of the season. Other teams that had less clear futures—the Chargers, Panthers, Saints—beat Buffalo and look bound for the postseason. I’m not sure what that says about Buffalo or about those other teams. My question is whether or not the Bills can take advantage of a weak AFC to make the playoffs given the fact that New England appears on their schedule twice in the coming weeksGiven my observation, I’d say that the Bills have beat themselves in a couple of games this year, so no.
—Dave B., Durham, N.C.

Charles Woodson said McVay was scared to go against the conventional NFL coaching wisdom that playoff-bound teams should rest their starters in Week 17 to avoid injury. Sure enough, McVay benched Goff, Gurley and other starters against the 49ers in Week 17. And the Rams were walloped 34-13 by Jimmy Garoppolo’s resurgent 49ers.

I would have loved for [the Rams] to be fighting the last game to go into the playoffs, to have that momentum, that drive, that mentality of you lose, you go home, Woodson said.

Matt Hasselbeck countered by saying the game was more about the up-and-down Falcons finally playing up to their potential.

When they’re on, I don’t know if anybody can beat this team, Hasselbeck said. The thing is, they haven’t been on for the entire season this year.

ESPN’s Rex Ryan noted the Falcons were 11-0 when Matt Ryan’s offense scored 20 or more points this season and 0-6 when they didn’t.

You get to 20 points with this team, watch out, because the defense plays way better than you think, Ryan said. They run to the ball, they contest every pass down the field.

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