Nov 30

I’m very unpredictable, and it separates me from everyone else.

Postgame, the Drunken Bears change out of their cleats and head off to their regular bar, Ranalli’s in Lincoln Park. Usually the Bears will reward the MVP of the night with a special trophy: a can of Natty Ice. Nobody really deserved the MVP can tonight, so by default it goes to the player who scored the team’s only touchdown. “Please don’t write anything like, what they lack in talent, they make up for in spirit,” a Bears player jokes before heading off the field.

Stiff Arms captain Barnes’ stat line: one receiving touchdown, two-and-a-half beers consumed. He and his teammates have one more game to play tonight. Then they’ll go to Corcoran’s, a bar a couple blocks away, to celebrate with some black and blues: Guiness mixed with Blue Moon.

“The way you govern in this country is by being in the middle. I fully expected him to move to the middle and really provide leadership on immigration, secure the borders. But I was just appalled, right after his inauguration, how things started out, [with him] being more divisive and really being more polarizing on religion and immigration.”

“The roof bump, which got me 100 million views and is probably my craziest stunt of all-time, is a part of who I am,” said Janela. “I wouldn’t go back and change it.

Janela built momentum organically, and was asked to wrestle in the prestigious PWG Battle of Los Angeles this year.

“I’m shutting up a lot of the doubters,” said Janela. “People characterize my style as ‘garbage wrestling’ because of the roof bump, but Combat Zone Wrestling is what I grew up on and it’s what I loved in my teens. Why not live out my dreams?

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