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Restoration of Oriental, Persian, Turkish and Irish handmade rugs and carpets. Dedicated care for kilims, tapestries and embroideries. Liz Mansergh has over 22 years of professional experience working with antique carpets and tapestries, so you can rely on expert consultancy services and restoration.

Before: Antique rug in need of repair After: Restored, with no noticeable mend

Past clients include: Peter Linden Ltd, Blackrock; The Office of Public Works, Farmleigh; The Hon. Desmond and Mrs Penny Guinness, Leixlip Castle; Knight of Glin, Glin Castle; Mr Michael & Mrs Sarah Ramsden, Saskia Antiques & Sopwell Hall; Mr Alphonsus O’Meara, Dalkey.

Antique rugs, even old rugs, are becoming increasingly rare and so, if their condition is good, are ever more valuable. Heirlooms definitely should be looked after, but holiday souvenir rugs, too, can be rescued if accidents happen. And if the disaster is bad enough – a lovely rug can still be reincarnated as beautiful cushions.

Nov 25

The Jaguars were already setting up to be snug against the cap in 2018

The original trademark was made by North Carolina State University, whose fans use the “Wolfie” hand gesture while cheering on their sports teams, known as the Wolfpack.

The Week in Wrestling turned to Sports Illustrated legal expert Michael McCann, who was asked to explain the legalities behind the cease and desist.

“It’s hard to give a declaratory answer without reading the letter,” said McCann. “As I understand it, NC State trademarked the hand signal, but the issue could be copyright.

McCann explained that if WWE has copyright interest in the gesture, they can then argue that the hand gesture is their intellectual property.

Further, it is believed that Jones feels Goodell is too iron-fisted with player suspensions. Until recently, Jones was a steadfast backer of Goodell. But the suspensions have made him increasingly angry. He also cannot fathom how Goodell won’t put his foot down and force players to stand for the anthem. If players don’t stand, Jones is said to think, then so be it—they shouldn’t play.

Skating with Aleksander Barkov and Jonathan Huberdeau, in the role of the departed Jaromir Jagr, Dadonov is having just as much success as Jagr did with the young stars. He is up to 11 points in 10 games, and his 18 percent shooting is actually lower than the 22 percent he managed in Russia last season.

The Jaguars were already setting up to be snug against the cap in 2018, and there’s still the little matter of quarterback as they approach an offseason in which multiple quality QBs could be available for the first time in a long time.

Aaron Rodgers was enjoying another outstanding year (13 touchdowns, three interceptions, 103.2 quarterback rating) until he suffered what may be a season-ending collarbone injury in Week 6 against Minnesota. Rookie running back Aaron Jones has asserted himself well with rushing performances of 125-plus yards in two of Green Bay’s past three outings.

Nov 23

Dallas and Axel are both miscast in Miz’s entourage.

WWE has placed them in main events and key programs alongside Miz on Raw, but it is difficult to suddenly treat their characters with any sense of legitimacy after years of futility on the roster.

Ziggler and Ryder are stars in their own right, have personalities that would mesh perfectly with Miz, and could even have challenged (and perhaps won) for the tag team titles, ultimately adding more credibility to The Miz while also keeping two other talents fresh.

I was new as coach. They were listening. They were following. But the next year, you fall apart again. Maybe you still want to be coached, and to play together, but you also want to try out different things on your own. That is the natural progression of a team growing apart.”

A Steelers touchdown later, Detroit found itself in the same position, got stuffed on two Dwayne Washington runs and chose to then kick a field goal. Then, with just over two minutes to go, Detroit was back in the red zone, down five, and again went four-and-out, opting for passes short of the sticks and an ill-advised Theo Riddick draw play.

The Mavs’ win over Memphis on Wednesday is their only win during a home-heavy opening stretch — now they hit the road for five of their next seven. Dallas is the league’s worst rebounding squad and the defense has been porous. Dennis Smith Jr. has turned some heads with his nose for the rim, but Harrison Barnes has been inefficient.

While the league waits for an outcome on Eric Bledsoe’s pending departure from Phoenix, the Suns played a downright dignified brand of basketball last week, picking up a couple of home wins over Sacramento and Utah. Though there haven’t been any individual standouts in the inefficient offense, Mike James has been a pleasant surprise. Now the Suns take the road for four games this week.

Nov 20

Some great drama in the Red Sox’s division-clinching win over Houston on Saturday.

Late Thursday night, Elliott’s attorneys filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Eastern Texas to vacate whatever suspension results from the appeal process. The lawsuit’s main contention is that there was a “league-orchestrated conspiracy . . . to hide critical information.”

A few minutes later, every Raven and every Steeler stood at attention for the anthem. (There also was an Air Force flyover.) No booing then. During the first TV timeout, a serviceman was introduced to massive cheers. During the fourth quarter, seven servicemen appeared on the field, to more cheers.

After the yearlong investigation, the league determined Elliott had been physical with his accuser three times during the week of July 17.

Game 1 of the Boston-Houston ALDS series: Chris Sale at Justin Verlander. Now that’s going to be a good event, and New Englanders are likely hoping it will be a day game, saving them from channel-flipping with the Patriots in a Thursday-nighter at Tampa Bay.

In game 161 of the 162-game season, David Price (the highly paid one, who came back from an arm injury and was made an Andrew Miller-like lefty specialist who could pitch anytime in relief) came out of the bullpen in the top of the seventh, up 5-2, tying run at the plate, no outs, to try to save the division title. Price got three outs without allowing an inherited runner to score, in the rain, with Price striking out George Springer, a New Englander from Connecticut who went to UConn, for the last out. Pretty good.

Nov 17

Deshaun Watson had led the Texans to 90 points in the past two games

There’s also a scenario in which the 49ers play this beautifully and end up with the quarterback they wanted all along and extra picks in the process. Let’s say Cousins doesn’t get the franchise tag, hits the market, and wants to play in San Francisco. If Garoppolo plays poorly, the 49ers kept the trade compensation low enough that they can wipe their hands of the deal and just end up with Cousins anyway.

As the rain refused to relent in the second half, Dallas leaned on its ground game to burn plenty of clock, but repeatedly couldn’t turn drives into touchdowns, only field goals. That allowed Washington to remain in the game, but the competition ultimately became a battle of two sloppy teams playing in sloppy conditions, with the winner being just a little less sloppy.

“To know that other schools are losing programs, it’s kind of scary knowing that this huge part of my life could have been gone and nonexistent,” Robles says. “I don’t know what I would do without football, honestly. I know other schools are losing it, I just can’t imagine what they might be going through.”

That’s more points than 16 teams have scored this season.

The Bills are 3-1. Coach Sean McDermott has made a very big deal (some inside the team would say an obnoxiously big deal) about not turning the ball over. The Bills turned it over on their first possession of the season, a tipped interception. In their 43 possessions since: zero turnovers … including another clean game in Sunday’s 23-17 upset of Atlanta.

Nov 16

I asked Villanueva how he felt being the unwitting face of this controversy for a few days.

The Star-Telegram reported that Roberts recommended no suspension for Elliott, and her recommendation was ignored. The interview Roberts conducted with Elliott’s accuser was extensive. Transcripts of some of the conversations with Elliott’s accuser, which were obtained by the Dallas Morning News, show that Roberts thoroughly questioned Elliott’s accuser about discrepancies in her account of these events.

A transcript of the appeal hearing obtained by the Dallas Morning News reveals that Elliott’s representatives did attack that point doggedly.

She’d moved back to her hometown of Vinton, La., to help take care of her parents when her father began showing signs of early Alzheimer’s disease, before she was diagnosed. The hospital where she was being treated was in Shreveport, close to a four-hour drive away in the northern part of the state, so family members pitched in to drive her once a month, and then once every other week, as the frequency of her treatments increased.

So where the Panthers wanted to work on reprogramming Newton, they couldn’t. And when they wanted to build timing between him and new left tackle Matt Kalil, or him and rookie Christian McCaffrey—the Swiss Army knife drafted to provide those easy completions-turned-big gains—they didn’t always get the reps they needed for it.

That explained why Newton was, in the staff’s eyes, uneven through the first four weeks of the season. It should also illustrate why the New England game was his breakthrough—that was the first week he threw in full during all three days of practice, and led to Newton’s freakish ability flashing again. Against the Patriots, he uncorked one throw from the left hashmark to the right sideline that made Rivera say, as he recalls, O.K., I like what I just saw.